Sprinkler Company-imageUpgrading your home with a brand new lawn sprinkler system is a great choice and one that will certainly pay off in the future, both in helping more easily manage the water that you use to keep your lawn looking great, and in the return on the investment that will be seen should you ever decide to sell your home. The benefits of having automatic lawn irrigation are quite considerable and there is no reason that you should not consider having one installed on your property.

With the assistance of the professional team at JWR Sprinklers, you can have your new system installed quickly, effectively, and at the fairest pricing available. We will provide you with upfront pricing and the best in fast and friendly customer service available to Bristow. Each and every one of our contractors is experienced with the installation process, so you can rest easy knowing that it will be done right the first time, with minimal disturbance to your yard.

We are able to provide for all of your sprinkler service needs, including installation, repairs, maintenance, as well as backflow prevention services. We’ll help you get your irrigation system ready for winter, and then prepare it for the spring with routine maintenance and our start-up service.

When you need the best in Bristow sprinkler systems, give us a call!

The Advantage of Bristow Lawn Sprinklers

If you’re looking to cut back on your water consumption and live in a greener home, then you need to make the transition to using a lawn sprinkler system. An automated sprinkler system has the advantage of not needing constant supervision. You can simply set the amount of time you want it to run for, and choose when your system should run during the day and week.

An automatic sprinkler system is much less wasteful than older rotating sprinklers as you won’t suffer from issues of over-saturation and runoff, both of which waste water and increase the cost of your bills. You can set your sprinklers to run at just the right amount of time, and have proper watering coverage without the hassle of moving a sprinkler around your yard and restarting it.

Avoid wasting any water and lower your expenses by setting your system to water at the most affordable time of day and at shorter intervals. You can keep your yard healthy with ease when you use a sprinkler system installed by the professionals at JWR Sprinklers.

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